The TaiChi Yin-Yang System - the Theory of TCM, the Theory of
AACMAC Brisbane 2007
Australasian Acupuncture and Chinese medicine Annual Conference
by Yan HUANG (Tomas)
The TCM Differential Diagnostic Process is based on the TaiChi Yin-Yang system theory that was established a long time before TCM. In the Chinese culture, the theory has been applied to many different areas including tactics, science, martial arts, astrology, philosophy.
The goal of this theory is to help a system such as our body to achieve stability, efficiency and longevity. Everyone apply the theory to their daily life without being aware of it. With the help of graphs and diagrams, we can define this ancient theory in modern scientific terms. Hence, letting a new generation like us better understand how to apply the theory and enhance our daily lives.
The beauty of the theory is that no modification is required when applying it to modern sciences like economics or business management. Thoughtful matching is the only key. Using this theory to analyze systems, we hope that the fundamental structures, behaviors and strategies of different systems can be better understood, so that we can be better prepared for any possible problems that may arise.
The theory of TCM has been challenged by many WM scientists and practitioners. In this paper, not only will it show that the theory of TCM is logical and scientific, it will also show that many other modern sciences actually have the same theory. More research should be done to reveal the beauty of the TaiChi Yin-Yang System. Without this theory, TCM would be a primary level medicine based solely on trail and error.