Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine Practitioners Fight Together Against H5N1.
AACMAC Brisbane 2007
Australasian Acupuncture and Chinese medicine Annual Conference
by Yan HUANG (Tomas)
Each month, more and more people are being infected with H5N1 globally. The World Health Organization agreed with the successful results of TCM in the battle against SARS. At the moment, TCM and WM practitioners are fighting against H5N1 separately, while optimum result can only be achieved by cooperation.
In this paper the strengths of TCM and WM in this battle will be pointed out. WM is a passive therapy for our bodies, because it employs suppressive and replacement methods. These are good front line strategies for treating unknown, urgent cases. TCM is an active therapy for our bodies, because it employs supporting and encouraging methods. These are good for the second line of defense.
TCM is capable of treating new kinds of Influenza. The reason for this is that it helps the body to defend itself, rather than using medicine to kill the virus or disease. The problem with SARS was the over-reaction of the immune system. This is similar to the body¡¦s reaction to allergies. WM depresses our over-reacting immune system, while TCM regulates it and shows good results . In treating Influenza, TCM has one classic for treating people with COLD body types, and one for the people with HOT body types.
WM Hygiene protection and TCM Healthcare protection are both equally important in the preparation period as well as in the emergency period. ACT NOW! Preparedness and vigilance are the keys to the successful battle against H5N1.