System theory and our mind

- the concentration and purification technique for our mind as taught by Buddha, a mental healthcare protection program for the harmonic governance for a resilient planet


Ancient Balance Medicine Education Ctr Ltd

Ancient Balance Medicine Research Institute

54th Meeting of the
International Society for the Systems Sciences Workshop #05

Saturday, 17th July, 1 to 4 pm, Bricker Academic Bldg. Room 112

Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, ON, Canada

We use our body to experience the world around us but our mind is the one who is observing and making the decisions to change the world. System theory sees the world composed of the observer, the decision maker, the system, the environment, the boundary and the relationships between them. And there are two opposite forces in the world that constantly interacting with each other, creating the flow of energy, matter and information between systems and the environment. On one hand we have the disorder force governed by the second law of thermodynamics that drive everything into a equilibrium state with maximum entropy. On the other hand we have the organizational force governed by the constrains of a system that drive the system into a particular steady state with a low entropy.

Our mind are both the observer and the decision maker with a major problem. Throughout our life we have been looking for sanctification that brings happiness. Our government have been relying on economics to achieve this but 80% of the time we are dis-satisfied with the people and situations around us, bringing craving, aversion and ignorance into our minds and creating all sorts of problems in our society. This is called suffering in the teaching of Buddha, and he offered us with a three step solution for our mind. In this workshop we investigate the systemic view of these three step namely self protection, concentration and purification of our mind.

Death is the end of our lives or just the beginning of another new life? A system undergoes a transition of system state during death, but will the system continue in other forms at another places? Or will it just terminate totally? What are the possible new system states and are they sustainable? In this workshop we will investigate the sustainability of Heaven, Hell, Earth and Nibbana (null). And we investigate the way to prepare ourselves to transit into these states.

The governance of materialism around us are achieved through economics, and the governance of materialism within us are achieved through healthcare. The governance of spiritualism around us are achieved through religion, but how about the governance of spiritualism within us (our mind and mental contents)? We investigate a 10 days Vipassana mental healthcare program for people of all religions including scientific communities. It is believed such a program could bring happiness, peacefulness and harmony for our community.


Attending the workshop only: $30

Attending as part of the full ISSS conference: no additional cost.