Ancient Balance Medicine

Research Institute


Mission: Reconnect TCM theory with both modern physical and social science.

Equip TCM with Information Technologies.

-Computerised Qi Gong Signal Diagnostic and Treatment (Bio-Resonance)


-TCM Consultation Management System 中醫診療管理系統

-TCM Distant Consultation System 中醫遠程診療系統

-TCM and gastrointestinal disorder 中醫與腸胃病研究

-TCM and allergy 中醫與過敏病研究

-The boiling of TCM Herbs 中藥煎煮法研究

-TCM and the theory of E 醫易研究

-Good & Evil Yin-Yang chart application 陰陽正邪圖之應用

-Taichi Yin-Yang System - the Theory of Everything

-太極陰陽系統 - 萬有理論

-The theory of E and Science 易與現代科學

-The common theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Economics


- The common theory ofTraditional Chinese Medicine and Business Management


-The theory of E and Supercomputer 易與超級電腦

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