What is Happiness? 什麼是快樂?What is Suffering? 什麼是痛苦?



人生不如意事十常八九!人生之快樂是短暫的騙人伎倆!生命多數是痛苦,死亡多數是痛苦,生死循環更是苦。求生是苦,求死是苦,求不得是苦!生前有不明白之苦,生後豈有無緣不苦?死前有愛恨之苦,死後豈有無故不苦?求生不得,求死不能,怎辦?不能體會繼續苦,當下明白脫離苦。外力指方向,真相在眼前,只有努力修,明白體會後,自己才得樂: 生活的藝術:內觀慈悲的法流

When will we fell happy? Everyone has different answers but all have the same rule:when the desires are satisfied. In economics terms, this is when the supply meet the demand, Yin-Yang balanced. Let us investigate what are the spectrum of possibilities by employing the Taichi Yin-Yang system theory.

When will we be happy?

1. getting what we desire (the Balanced state)求得所慾 .20% of the time on average?

When will we be unhappy?

1.association with something that one does not like(Evil Yin) 怨憎會苦

2. disassociation with something that one does like(transition from Balanced state to all the otherstates)愛別離苦

3. not to get what one desires (all the Hot states)求不得苦
4. desire the impossibles 生老病死苦苦

Therefore the truth is that we suffer almost 80% of the time! We have been deceived for all our lives!

Solution: The System and Control Theory in the Vipassana Meditation of the Noble Eightfold Path as taught by Buddha -understanding meditation with the Taichi Yin-Yang system in modern terminologies

Disney La-Haut: What is Happiness? Taichi Yin-Yang, Buddha 迪斯尼:快樂是什麼?太極,陰陽,佛陀


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